Providing Parents
 Legal Advocacy For Children’s Educational Rights

The Process

Arlene Bell can help you get started with requesting an assessment for your child, planning an IEP meeting or disagreeing with all or part of an IEP.

Think about your child’s difficulties.

  • Is your child struggling academically or does he/she appear to be delayed?
  • Does your child have social or emotional problems or difficulty paying attention?
  • Perhaps your child has physical disabilities involving vision, hearing or orthopedic impairments.
  • If your child has any of these issues, or others, Arlene Bell will talk to you about the possibility of your school district assessing your child in all areas of suspected disability.

If your child has already had IEP’s, organize all the IEP documents, assessments and medical records in chronological order in a notebook.

  • Is your child failing to make progress?
  • Did the school district fail to provide a service on the IEP?
  • Do you disagree with what is being offered on a new IEP?
  • If these issues or similar exist, Arlene Bell will talk with you, and determine if she can assist you to possibly obtain what your child needs.

Take your 1st step for acting on the above by submitting an intake form or just calling to schedule a complimentary talk with Arlene Bell.