Providing Parents
 Legal Advocacy For Children’s Educational Rights

IEP Advocacy

When it comes to navigating the maze of the IEP process,  it is wise to have an informed special education attorney. Some of the ways Arlene helps at your IEP meeting include:

Fair Representation
If you ever feel that the school district has all the advantages, having Arlene by your side can change that. You will know and understand your rights and the school district's obligations. Arlene will ensure that your concerns are addressed in the IEP.

Removing The Mystery
Special Education uses terms unique to the industry. When used in a meeting about your child, you are at a disadvantage if you do not understand them "completely." Arlene will help you understand how these terms apply to your child so all mystery, assuming and guessing is removed.

Know What Test Results Are Really Saying
Test results are not written for the average parent to understand. Arlene will review your evaluations, progress reports and other data.  She will help you understand the reports and how they  apply to your child and what services you may or may not be able to receive per the results.

Is The District Doing/Offering the Services & Placement Your Child Needs?
Arlene will keep your school district on their toes. She will help you identify possible ways to address your child's weaknesses.

IEP Goals
IEP goals should be individualized with input from parents. Arlene will assist in the development of goals to measure your child's progress.

The IEP Document
Your IEP is an enforceable document that your school district must implement.  Arlene, as your attorney, will assist in obtaining as comprehensive an IEP, as possible.

You Are Not Seeing Your Child Progressing
If you feel your child is not making progress under a current program, Arlene can assist you on what steps to take to improve and/or change the status.

You Do Not Agree
Is your School District correct with their opinions and decisions for your child? Are you aware of all your options should the district say "no" to something your child needs? Arlene's advocacy enables you to know whether you have a right to a particular service or accommodation for your child and what your next steps should be.