Providing Parents
 Legal Advocacy For Children’s Educational Rights

Conservatorship & Guardianship


When your child becomes 18 years old in California, he/she is now legally an adult and can make his/her own decisions regardless of the severity of his/her disability. Arlene Bell can assist you to obtain a Conservatorship of your adult child by filing a Petition in probate court.

A conservator may need to provide assistance and/or make decisions for the conservatee’s education, medical and dental needs, food and shelter, clothing, personal care, housekeeping, transportation and recreation.

Please contact Arlene Bell for more information regarding all types of conservatorships such as limited conservatorships, temporary conservatorships, conservatorships of the estate or LPS conservatorships.


Arlene Bell can assist you to obtain a guardianship of a minor child by filing a Petition in probate court. When parents of a minor child (a child under 18 years of age is a minor in California) are unable or unwilling to care for their child, a guardian may be needed. Also, if the child is at-risk, where a parent is in control, a guardian may need to be appointed.

A guardian will provide care for the minor child and have custody and control of the minor child. The guardian will have almost all decision-making rights on behalf of the minor child. However, the parents’ parental rights are not permanently terminated. The guardianship continues until someone petitions the court to terminate; otherwise the guardianship remains in place until the minor child is no longer a minor and turns 18 years of age.