Providing Parents
 Legal Advocacy For Children’s Educational Rights

Children’s Educational Rights


Knowing how to maneuver around the special education system is a long term, fascinating challenge for parents. You have a lot to say about what your child learns and what takes place in their education, However, sometimes you just don't know what you don't know!

Arlene, as an attorney, serves as your advocate for your child's educational success. Having a full understanding of the laws school districts must follow, Arlene can identify shortcomings and areas where your child's rights are being overlooked or fulfilled in less than an acceptable manner.

Some of the ways you may utilize Arlene's services include:

  • Requesting School Records
  • Requesting an assessment or an IEP meeting.
  • Preparing for an IEP eligibility meeting or an annual review.
  • Attending an IEP meeting (parents must notify the school district prior to the meeting if they intend to bring an attorney).
  • Requesting, preparing for and attending Mediations.
  • Requesting, preparing for and representing parents at Due Process Hearings.
  • Filing appeals and representing parents in court.